Documented Success in Adult Contemporary Broadcast / Online Programming and Operations Management


Unsolicited comments from many with whom I've worked over the last 15 years.

Station looks nice and healthy. Great job in turning this puppy around.” - senior prog vp

“Your management style was impeccable. Thank you for inviting me back the second time to be a part of a really great station.” - on-air talent

“First ever million-dollar month. You give us an awesome product to sell.” - sales mgr

“Honest, forthright, extremely intelligent, organized, and you fight for your convictions.” - very gracious co-worker

“You're only the second person I ever worked for who had better ideas than I.” - very creative employee

“Run a tight ship and would be a great leader to work with.” - job applicant

“I’ve been keeping an eye on your station via the trades. You’ve done a great job there.” - former general manager

“You are an excellent programmer and hard worker. I think we should keep you in Clear Channel.” - programming vp

“Thanks again, Mike. I really appreciate having you on the team.” - another programming vp

“You da man!” - senior vice president

“You are one of the nicest and most sincere people I’ve worked with.” - part-time on-air talent

“Certainly has shown himself qualified and capable.” - another general mgr

“I have appreciated all your hard work and support towards our success this year. Thank you for all your efforts.” - still another general mgr

“THANK YOU for your hard work and ability to keep running even when boulders were thrown in your path.” – senior VP

“This is EXACTLY what we are talking about! You are in the content business and it’s our job to get our content and brand out EVERY way possible. GREAT STUFF!” – senior VP

“Glad we got it handled and it’s because of your perseverance that it happened.” – general manager

“Thank you so much for your response and restoring my faith in that big corporations do care about the little people. Thanks again!” -- formerly unsatisfied customer